Agenda for Winter School in New York 2018

Sectors and Tentative Themes:

Global politics and diplomacy in the XXI century: governmental public relations, international mass media, social and legal challenges.

  • The United Nation (UN) Security Council, its role and functions:
    • United Nation Peacekeeping campaign.
    • Preventative diplomacy and political missions.
    • Post conflict peacekeeping efforts.
    • Disarmament and limiting arms distribution.
    • The UN and human rights (Council about human rights). Dealing with Gender Inequalities and children protection.
    • Case Study: Conflicts in Middle East and Northern Africa.
  • Strategic Plans for reinvigorating diplomatic, political and economical relations between Russia and the USA.
  • Influence of mass media in defining the tone of Russia and USA relations:
    • Portraying Russia in the in US mass media: Is it objective?
    • What was the effect of the ‘Iron Curtain’ collapse?
    • Is the mass media content a fair reflection of the countries perception of each other internally and abroad?

The World Financial Centers: financial regulations and standards, world financial crisis, and multinational corporations.

  • New York City as a global financial center.
  • International Standards for Financial Disclosure and Reporting:
    • Contrasting general and distinct principles in the banking and financial sectors.
    • The Financial Safety Council:  purposes and challenges in the context of the recent world financial crisis.
    • The Wall Street Reform Act of 2010
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO): legal and financial readiness for the underwriting process.
  • Merger and acquisitions.
    • Pre investment due diligence.
    • Exiting the stock exchange system in the USA and Europe.
    • Regulatory issues in the financial and securities market places.
  • New trading rules and new legislation:
    • Broker-Dealers and Hedge Funds compliance in Wall Street
    • Oil shock/Tightening Regulations/Impact on Emerging Markets.
    • Use of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ commodity futures.
    • Jim Rogers work and investment analyses
  • Transnational Corporations – international practice.

Challenges of a Global Economy: sustainable and safe development, marketing efforts, business management and macroeconomic problems.

  • Modern problems of world economy and way of their resolving.
  • Marketing strategy of 21st Century. Business management. Social responsibility of business;
  • The UN Summit of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs):
    • Worldwide struggle against poverty
    • Ensuring food supply and safety
    • Energy supply and safety
    • Health care access
    • Population growth
    • Supporting developing countries
  • Global Economic challenges for the United Nations mission (overcoming consequences of global financial crisis, macroeconomic problems, trade)
  • Sustainable development.
  • The United Nations Humanitarian role.
  • Climate change: social and economical impact

New York as a center for international Law Practice

  • International Patent Law: commercial rights and protection of intellectual property.
  • Fight against international terrorism, counterfeiting, illegal drug trafficking and organized crime.
  • The NY based system of international courts and tribunals.
  • The United Nations and international law practice and development.