Lynn Visson

Lynn Visson received a Ph.D. from Harvard University, taught Russian language and literature at Columbia University and other American universities and for more than twenty years was a staff interpreter at the United Nations, working with Russian, French and English.
She is now freelancing at the UN and teaching interpretation and translation at MIIS in Monterey and at other American and European universities.
Of Russian background, she is the author of several books including Wedded Strangers: The Challenges of Russian-American Marriages and numerous books and articles on various aspects of Russian language, literature and culture, including a textbook and two audio courses on Russian-English simultaneous interpretation, as well as works on translation, cross-cultural communication and Russian cuisine; several of her books have been published in Russia.
Dr. Visson travels frequently to Russia; she is a member of the editorial boards of Mosty, a Moscow-based journal on translation and interpretation, and the American-based journal SlavFile.