Ioori (Yuri) Dmitrievich Smirnov

Born in 1964.

Prior to joining The Days of Russia Foundation, Ioori Smirnov has worked in the USA for more than 20 years in a variety of roles including: corporate management, staff management, budget formulation, program evaluation, resource development, policy formulation, and other operational elements. Other aspects of the work included the development of staff training programs, a network of social justice advocates, an ongoing financial development plans.

2011 – To present: Co-Founder, Managing Member of ADEKS GROUP LLC (Russia - USA), principal business activities: Investment management, Scientific, & Technical Consulting services, US-Russia-Africa-Asia.

2009 – To present: Founder, President and CEO of the Days of Russia Foundation Inc. (Non-profit, NGO). The Days of Russia Foundation works to strengthen and contribute to the reinforcement of bi-lateral relations between the United States and the Russian Federation.

2009 – To present: Representative of International « FINANCIERS GUILD» in the USA;

2004 – To present: President of the Globe PR Group Inc. Globe PR Group specializes in the planning and producing a dynamic range of special events. It combines the expertise in the fields of event planning, wide range PR campaigns, marketing, consulting and publicity. Globe PR Group's publicity division is committed to developing and implementing strategic PR campaigns. Globe PR Group publishes books, periodic publications and brochures for Russian-speaking Americans at all levels of business.

2003 – 2005: Co-founder, Vice president, Editor in Chief and Project Editor of the Alur Publishing Inc. Alur Publishing Inc. published a number of full color magazines in Russian/English languages distributed to general public, entrepreneurs, interior and fashion designers, musicians and artists, and all levels of business throughout the United States. The magazine through its quality editorial content had a commitment to benefit public about artistic principles in everyday life and business, to be a platform to profile professionals who are representing their vision in the marketplace.

1995 – 2000: President, Russian-American Hunting Tours, Inc. (USA). The company promoted a cooperation, networking, information sharing, professional exchange, a networking of social justice advocates and educational tourism between Russia and the U.S.

1988 – 1991 Director of the “Creative-Center Co.” (Moscow, Russia), Consumer Health Research, Scientific & Technical Consulting services, marketing, production and manufacturing.

In 2006 Mr. Smirnov and Globe PR Group Inc. founded Day of Russia in New York. Since 2006 this landmark Manhattan annual black-tie event is seeks to mutually advance the partnership between the two great nations, particularly in the spheres of government, diplomacy, public policy, culture, multi-sector industry, business and social ties.

In 2011, as a cofounder, Mr. Smirnov launched a training program “School in New York: summer and winter sessions”, designed to train and educate a foreign students, young professionals and executives.

Internationally, for many years Mr. Smirnov has been involved in Russian-American initiatives aimed to build opportunities to develop and strengthen relations between leaders, decision-makers and active members of state and regional societies of the two nations.

In 1987 Smirnov earned a Master Degree in electronics from Moscow Aviation Institute (State University of Aerospace Technology).

1997–1998         Business studies at Wisconsin University (Madison, WI).

1994–1996         Computer-Aided Design and Engineering at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College (Fennimore, WI).

Continuing education pursuits are ongoing and include operating, counseling, financial development, management, organizational models, ethics, human resource management, social media networking, systems science, political science and psychology.