About Program

Practical knowledge from operating leading experts of world politics, economy, the finance and mass-media in the Program: “Summer and Winter School in New York”

The international activity in present conditions represents the most complicated system of knowledge, skills, tactics and strategy pertaining to the selected area as well as to the sphere of its information support.

For providing precisely such experience for the young experts and businessmen in February, 2011 the Days of Russia Foundation (New York, USA) and the “International youth diplomacy League” (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia) have developed and organized the Program: “Summer and Winter School in New York”.

The Program purpose:

In the course of sessions conducted in the format of colloquiums the participants will familiarize themselves with principles of work of the international organizations, legislative and executive bodies of regional and federal level, the transnational companies, firms and corporations, media groups, diplomatic authorities.

They will receive unique experience of such experts as:

  • the successful business practitioners,
  • heads of the most outstanding companies and corporations,
  • politicians,
  • diplomats,
  • representatives of mass media.

Participation in the Program gives the chance:

  • to define their motivation, to make final choice in favor of particular field of international activity and/or concrete business;
  • to enrich their knowledge in the selected area with direct help of experts;
  • to prepare for independent business dialogue with the potential partners;
  • to seek elucidation on any question or issue applicable to promoting their career, and to receive on them the fullest professional expertise;
  • to receive the special Diploma of the Program of School with enumeration of the subjects and the speakers;
  • to undertake a unique excursion to New York – the center of the world finance and economic processes.

The program is organized with support and under the auspices of: